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    "Greetings, Welcome to Kersen, I'm very honored and delighted to meet with you here, we thank you very much and appreciate all your continued support." 


    I founded Kersen in 2003, and we have gone through more than a decade of successful development during this exciting time of sustained growth. Under the guidance of our devoted business partners and dilligent and dedicated team we have been very fortunate to see also support from our local community whom have also contributed to Kersen's relatively rapid development.   We have now grown to become a high quality high safety supplier to the supply chains of multiple Forbe's 500 companies worldwide and we are now well positioned to be the number one precision metallic component manufacturer in China.


   Over the years, Kersen has been deeply rooted in precision metal processing where lies our core competency.  We adhere to the business ethos and philosophy of "integrity, progress, and innovation", and insist on the quality policy of "quality first, first class service."  

Kersen has formed a professional, efficient, unified and pragmatic management and production team.  Looking beyond, we strive to be the most innovative and technical group in this industry.  Our set of hardware is among the most comprehensive in our industry with close to over 1000 sets of CNCs alone and growing.  We are always willing to invest in new technology hardware to ensure we are the leaders at what we do.


    Kersen is extremely focused, and we are focused on bringing to our client's 100% relentless quality, stand by service and cost efficient production methods.  Our future looks bright and we look forward to working closely with you.. Thank you very much once again.



Yours Sincerely

Peter  Xu                                                           

CEO Kersen Technology