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Kersen Social responsibility statement letter

Kersen science and Technology Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as: the company), for complying with national labor, health and safety law, mandatory standards and related applicable international conventions, complying with internationally accepted Labour standards, and other applicable industry standards and international conventions, and continue to improve working conditions and employee benefits, abide by the following terms and conditions

1.Forced Labour

The company does not use forced, bonded or contract employees, or involuntary prison staff. All workers should be voluntary, and that the employee in the case of reasonable notice has right to departure freely. Employees shall not be required on submit ID card, passport or work permits as a condition of employment.

2.Policy on child labor and juvenile workers

The company is forbidden to use child labor in any stage. "Child labor" refers to those who is under 16 years old, that is complete compulsory education age, or those who are hired as a minimum age in the country/region. Apprentices in the legitimate workplace that complies with all laws and regulations are not included. For underage worker who is under age of 18, shall not be arranged to engage in the operations in which there are occupational hazards and heavy manual labor, and shall not be arranged to work overtime and on the night shift by the company.


Relevant studies of business practices shown that, there is an obvious relation between lower productivity, higher separation rate and the increase of injury and disease and worker’s fatigue. Therefore, the company shall not rate the work week exceed the maximum as stated by the local laws.

4 Wages and Benefits

The company paid employees in accordance with the local minimum wage, overtime pay and statutory welfare law. According to local laws and regulations, the employee's overtime pay shall be higher than the normal hourly wage. The means of deducting wages as a disciplinary action means is prohibited. The company should distribute pay stub or other similar document as wage payment basis to employees.

5.Humane treatment

The company shall not be cruel and inhumane to employees, including any forms of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical oppression or verbal abuse; No threaten to any such behavior


The company promised employees free from harassment and illegal discrimination. Do not discriminate employees because of their race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, pregnancy, religion, political parties, community member or marital status in employment and the actual work (such as promotion, rewards and training, etc.). In addition, employees and prospective employees shall not be forced to accept discriminatory medical examination (such as pregnancy test and hepatitis b test, etc.), and the company shall not refuse to hire employee due to his pregnant or have non-statutory infectious diseases such as hepatitis b.

7.Freedom of association

The public and direct communication between employees and management layer is the most effective way to solve the problem of workplace and compensation. And the respect to employees' rights, including freedom of association according to local law, participation or non-participation of labor union, seek representatives, participate in workers committee. Employees should not to worry about be revenged, threatened or harassed, openly to communicate with management about working condition.

8.Report and confidentiality

In addition to the basic staff policy, we also have always attaches great importance to the employees' opinion, and wish we could give all employees the space to give full play to their talents. The company any employee may at any time to the company's response personal rights, benefits, the opinions of management and working environment. Company has the obligation of confidentiality, at the same time, absolutely forbidden any attack and retaliation actions on reporters, and shall not affect the reporter’s normal promotion and salary increase, etc. in this company.

9. We are committed to fair competition, intolerance of any forms of corruption. We advocate freedom of association, the protection of intellectual property rights, integrity management, and transparency.

10.Conflict minerals Sourcing Policy

No support, no use of metal from the armed conflict, illegal mining and low working environment.