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Ke Sen, regards employees as the most important asset, human resources work closely around the new round of strategic development planning of the company, always adheres to people oriented principle, fully respect employees' value, pay attention to the harmonious development of enterprises and employees, continue to promote staff development mechanism, employee incentive mechanism and employee communication mechanism construction, take great efforts to make Ke Sen as "the model of mutual development of staff and the company".


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Employee development mechanism:
Stand at the height of talents management, based on the highly combination and unity of the "enterprise requirements and staff requirements", translate unconscious natural growth into conscious talents traction growth, let employees experience bright career prospects, broad professional channel, equitable occupational environment, and visible professional growth.

Staff incentive mechanism:

Positive research, the use of flexible incentive way, focusing on translating the single incentive into comprehensive incentive, from the current incentive to long-term incentive; Pilot and promote flexible welfare system, which can effectively expand the welfare growth space of the employee, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of each respect, stimulating the enthusiasm of the staff second development.

Employee communication mechanism:
Comprehensive build the evaluation traction mechanism taking staff as the tester and terminal experiencer, ensure all levels of managers go to the grass-roots, walked into the production line, listen to their opinions, accept staff assessment and examination on the management policy, the implement effect of the measures and system, establish unobstructed mechanism and channel of reflection, insight, listen to, experience staff thought.


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