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The company has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, the technology is in the domestic leading, international advanced level. High efficient achievement transformation mechanism provides a strong economic base for sustainable development of the company.


The company takes independent development as the primary, also attaches great importance to the technology and project cooperation of user unit, supporting technology unit, technical collaboration unit, institutions and research institutes at home and abroad, effectively integrate social superior resources in industry for technology innovation service of the company, focusing the intelligence from all walks of life, and seek common development. In recent years, the company has cooperated with many domestic well-known colleges and universities to carry out the implication of production-study-research cooperation, which has become an important way of technological progress, technological innovation for the company, an effective way of knowledge transforming to benefits.

The company built the perfect innovation system and incentive mechanism, prepared and implemented a series of standardized management, equipped with enriched the strong leadership team, and formed a stepwise talent cultivation system, we adhering to "people-oriented" concept, at the same time, provided competitive salary, benefits and a good space for development for the designer.

Through the combination of external introduction of absorption, and internal mining training, the company has formed several young development teams with innovative and pragmatic spirit, team members generally have high academic level, solid professional basis and rich experience in product development, create demand on innovative products, and laid a solid technical foundation for spanning development of the company.

Company research and development center increases the investment in research and development of new products each year since its establishment, and its overall innovation capacity is also constantly improved:

In 2012   considered as Kunshan R&D institution
The same year  considered as city level engineering technology R&D center in Suzhou

In 2013   considered as provincial level engineering technology R&D center
Build “Jiangsu graduate student workstation

In 2014   be listed as provincial level enterprise technology center

The same year  be listed as  Provincial key enterprise research and development institution